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Orbost, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
A small Eco campsite on the Isle of Skye using Bell Tents in a stunning location. Contact Scott & Nadia on 07935 240606 or 01470 521461 skyeecobells@gmail.com

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Work

Skye Eco Bells continues to be very busy and possibly busier than the summer!! So many jobs to do, but when the sky is blue and the suns shining it's all good :)
Today we started the job of pollarding the willows which currently stand at about 10m and very thin and whippy so we are cutting them short to allow them to bush out, prevents them being blown over in our crazy windy winters!!
Willow is such an amazing tree and so useful in many ways, so we have planted about 60 large willow slips around the site today, put aside some of the skinnier ones to make some willow sculptures, made some great fencing posts and rails, lots of brash to chip then put in our shavings pit for grey water filtration.
We also got lots of firewood which we are taking advantage of at this moment on a cold Skye night.
We have loads more to cut but such a great job when everything is getting re-used.
Oh and Aspirin is derived from willow too :) Amazing stuff!!

Scott & Nadia