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Orbost, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
A small Eco campsite on the Isle of Skye using Bell Tents in a stunning location. Contact Scott & Nadia on 07935 240606 or 01470 521461 skyeecobells@gmail.com

Friday, 10 May 2013


Progress has been a little slow of late, but we now have tons of rubbish cleared from the site and a car parking area formed by the very talented Donnie the Digger!!
We have also started to crack on with The Hub a camp kitchen and social hang out area and it's going to look great! We have started to amass a whole load of cool furniture and stuff to fill the tents and The Hub and have managed to source about 40 wooden pallets which we are recycling and will be using in all areas, they will look cool once they have had the Skye Eco Bells treatment :)
We have sourced a supplier and manufacturer of woodburning stoves, constructed from old gas bottles and have found a great supplier of canvas bush showers!

It's all coming together and with some sunny days and hard work we will get there quicker!! Lets hope for a legendary Skye summer like we had last year!!
Glamaig in the Sunshine

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bell Tent Pitch

Just marking out the first pitch for the Bell Tents. This is the backdrop :) Pretty stunning on a sunny Spring day!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


3 barrels smelling of Whiskey!! What shall we do with them? Very tempted to take apart and lick the wood inside!! ;)
Keep checking to see what they eventually end as! :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Skye Eco Bells Update

Well after what seemed like an age we finally have our planning permission for our campsite!!!! :)
So let's tell you a little about what we intend to do, we have the long term lease of 9 acres of a very beautiful part of The Isle of Skye in a place called Orbost in the North West of the island and close to beaches, lochs, mountains and stunning scenery everywhere!
The previous tenant of the holding had cattle as well as running his stonemasonry business from the site so consequently the site is now very overrun with associated junk!! We have seen through this and see what is beneath which is currently an unloved bit of land that needs someone to take care of it, step in Scott & Nadia and lots of hard work and it will transform into an eco campsite using Bell Tents furnished with recycled and vintage furniture as well as hand ,made items. The tents will be functional, comfortable places to stay for visitors to the island where they can relax even when the weathers not so great! Each of the tents will also have a wood burning stove supplied with wood to keep you toasty warm.
Nadia & Scott both being eco hippies at heart and really believing in the environment and doing our bit to help want the site to be comfortable for people, but also educational so to that end the site is going to be off grid. There will be no electricity other than that produced by solar power, we will be using mostly candle power and lanterns. The site will have running water, but not heated so our visitors will have to heat water on the stove or the fire to create a hot shower using our bush shower. Cold ones also available for the brave, lazy or daft!!
We will be creating areas where visitors can cook over open fires, gather and tell stories of their adventures whilst on Skye and enjoy doing things simply and slowing the pace of life right down.

We are really passionate about this challenge we have set ourselves, we like to work hard and we will putting our all into this venture, we will be documenting this via twitter, Facebook and of course Blogger and will be posting updates of work carried out and pictures to check out. We would really value constructive input from our friends and family, friends not made yet can also comment and we will take it all in, we are on this journey and its the first time we have travelled it so help will be greatly appreciated!!

Keep following, share if you think someone might be interested, come visit us (we have spare tools!), send us ideas, photos, etc and who knows we might even name a tent after you if your suggestions are that good! :)

Happy Camping!!
Scott & Nadia
Skye Eco Bells Camping

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Welcome!! :)

In typical MacLucas-Paton style we do things differently!! We have the welcome door mats but no tents yet! Start with the small stuff......build up to the big :)

New kitchen table!!

It's def shabby chic, this marbled topped table and victorian wooden legs was used very recently as a butchers block here on Skye. It will now be given a new life as a kitchen unit at Skye Eco Bells, giving old loved items a new home :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Part of a advertising campaign for Skye Eco Bells Camping. We are going for a nostalgic vibe!!
Image courtesy of old L N E R posters and a bit of magic reworking from an old school mate Colin, get in touch with him at www.coffeewithalid.co.uk if you want some great innovative thinking and designs!!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Shabby Chic

One of the suitcases going into one of the lucky tents. What do you think?

SoulPad Genie 5m

These are the tents we are going for, look great and lots of spares available if it gets a bit blowy ;)