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Orbost, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
A small Eco campsite on the Isle of Skye using Bell Tents in a stunning location. Contact Scott & Nadia on 07935 240606 or 01470 521461 skyeecobells@gmail.com

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shoilet Complete

The dry composting toilet and shower are complete! The toilet is a nice wee space and not remotely smelly and of course not wasting water! We will have great compost in roughly 2 years time to put on the plants (non edible)
The shower is also working great and is an L5 propane powered gas shower with a lot of power! It's totally off grid and any water is filtered through our grey water filtration system and is operating well. Great for those days you've been up the hill or in the sea and need to warm up :)
The shower is from a company called showerking and we can highly recommend them and great advice given by their owners.
Come try it for yourself :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Toilet and Shower Building

It's a bit of a mouthful calling this a shower and toilet building from now on it shall be known as a Shoilet Shed :)

Final Hurdles

We are so close to completing, but as goes with a lot of these kind of things there are wee gremlins just adding a little bit of challenge in the final days of finishing!!
Delivery of our roofing has been delayed one of the minor annoyances of living in a remote place but the benefits outweigh.
The toilet and shower building is partially clad and roofed and the space is looking good and will be in the same theme as the rest of the site, a bit shabby chic and a vintage vibe. We aim to have it completed this weekend deliveries willing and some dry weather. Will post pics when complete but here are a few of the construction phase to compare when finished :)