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Orbost, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
A small Eco campsite on the Isle of Skye using Bell Tents in a stunning location. Contact Scott & Nadia on 07935 240606 or 01470 521461 skyeecobells@gmail.com

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Work

Skye Eco Bells continues to be very busy and possibly busier than the summer!! So many jobs to do, but when the sky is blue and the suns shining it's all good :)
Today we started the job of pollarding the willows which currently stand at about 10m and very thin and whippy so we are cutting them short to allow them to bush out, prevents them being blown over in our crazy windy winters!!
Willow is such an amazing tree and so useful in many ways, so we have planted about 60 large willow slips around the site today, put aside some of the skinnier ones to make some willow sculptures, made some great fencing posts and rails, lots of brash to chip then put in our shavings pit for grey water filtration.
We also got lots of firewood which we are taking advantage of at this moment on a cold Skye night.
We have loads more to cut but such a great job when everything is getting re-used.
Oh and Aspirin is derived from willow too :) Amazing stuff!!

Scott & Nadia

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

End of Season

This has been our first season operating Skye Eco Bells and its been a blast!! We deliberately wanted to keep our visitors numbers really low, so we could get a feel of what our guests need and also how we will operate the campsite when busy. So the winter seems to be upon us already, dark nights, wind & rain!!
We have a really busy winter ahead of us. A bit more landscaping, planting more trees and lots of finishing touches. We are also going to be building some wooden decks for the tents to sit upon, sorting out the immense willows and coppicing them and planting more for our grey water filtration.
We are also doing the pleasant inside stuff such as website design, leaflets and general marketing as well sign making, those long winter nights by the fire will be spent colouring in and getting out our artistic mojo on :)

We would like to thank all the folks that have stayed at the campsite and given great feedback and we've made new friends, reconnected with old ones and look forward to meeting lots of interesting folks next year!

Special thanks to our parents for their support which means the world to us!! :)
Last thanks also to HIE for their continued support.

We look forward to meeting some of you next year and we'll post over the winter with updates.

Have an awesome, cosy winter :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Shoilet Complete

The dry composting toilet and shower are complete! The toilet is a nice wee space and not remotely smelly and of course not wasting water! We will have great compost in roughly 2 years time to put on the plants (non edible)
The shower is also working great and is an L5 propane powered gas shower with a lot of power! It's totally off grid and any water is filtered through our grey water filtration system and is operating well. Great for those days you've been up the hill or in the sea and need to warm up :)
The shower is from a company called showerking and we can highly recommend them and great advice given by their owners.
Come try it for yourself :)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Toilet and Shower Building

It's a bit of a mouthful calling this a shower and toilet building from now on it shall be known as a Shoilet Shed :)

Final Hurdles

We are so close to completing, but as goes with a lot of these kind of things there are wee gremlins just adding a little bit of challenge in the final days of finishing!!
Delivery of our roofing has been delayed one of the minor annoyances of living in a remote place but the benefits outweigh.
The toilet and shower building is partially clad and roofed and the space is looking good and will be in the same theme as the rest of the site, a bit shabby chic and a vintage vibe. We aim to have it completed this weekend deliveries willing and some dry weather. Will post pics when complete but here are a few of the construction phase to compare when finished :)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Update July 2014

Ummmmmm well what can I say? Long overdue an update on this blog so apologies. Whilst we have been quite on here that is def not the case with work down at the site. It's been very busy and we are now at a stage where we are near completion. The social hub is complete and furnished now, the veg garden is in and producing some great veggies already, the chickens are settled in their new home and laying away with the most amazing eggs. The fire pit is in next to the hub and is a great spot to while away the evenings chatting through adventures had over a dram or beer or marshmallows ;) The tent bases are up and we have one tent up and furnished, the others will follow in the next couple of weeks. Currently we are working on constructing the new shower and compost toilet building and once done we will be fully up and running! 

The weather on Skye at the moment is stunning and the island is showing itself in its true summer glory and there is no better place to experience it than in a canvas bell tent :)